Blind & Awning Maintenance

Torn Cover

Regular blind & awning maintenance can save you money.

Whether you call it the cover, cloth or skin, replacing it is our most common maintenance task.  A torn or damaged cloth will make your blind run crooked.  If it can’t be “trimmed-up” we can arrange to replace the cloth.  Typically this will be around ¼ to ½ of the blind price.  The cover replacement is done on site making an easy transition from old to new.
The cover on external products cannot be restitched or re-welded due to pollutants becoming embedded in the material.  Some internal fabrics can be repaired but are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Squeaking or grinding noises are not fixed by spray lube – just hidden.   Let our skilled staff get to the root cause of the noise and extend the life of your blind.

Preventative maintenance is essential to get the maximum life span from your awnings and blinds.  We offer a winter service program to inspect and assess your unit and advise on any work needed.  This process includes thorough cleaning of all the hardware (not the cover) thereby ensuring every component is inspected for wear or damage.

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